Marlies Tousain

Impact accelerator of leaders, brands and organisations.

Marlies Tousain Business Coach voor mens merk en organisatie


The future belongs to leaders and brands that translate authentic power into positive impact

Do you want more impact as a leader, as a brand or as an organisation?

Marlies helps courageous leaders to take a leap of faith towards more meaning and impact. Both socially and financially.

Together, we concretise the dream and steer your organisation towards the wanted result. Because great plans are worthless without concrete actions and spirited execution. Not just the promise of them, but also the movement itself.

As a seasoned marketer, executive advisor and personal coach, Marlies knows how to stimulate:

  • More impact and energy for you as an individual

  • More impact as a leader within your organisation

  • More impact as a brand within our society

A strong brand is nothing you come up with but something you are. It is on the inside and the outside. Purpose. And the result: happy costumers, engaged staff and a brand with an irresistible attraction.

Walk your talk. Wholehearted.

Purpose to impact


Leaders and organisations that are conscious of the impact of their actions perform better and are more satisfied. How will you have made a difference, ten years from now? For over 20 years already, Marlies Tousain (and partners) has been guiding leaders, brands, teams and organisations towards progress. How do you want to grow? Choose the approach that suits best.


Turning brand purpose into positive impact. Take a leap of faith towards more meaning. Sharp, spirited and hands on.



If you want different results, you need to change your behaviour first. Development of teams that want to be part of the movement.

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Accelerate your personal impact with executive business coaching. The unique combination of an Executive Advisor and a Personal Coach.

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A live or online event with impact, with Marlies as moderator or host.