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Executive Coaching

Why? Because Marlies’ own experience has taught her that board members sometimes need a critical voice who speaks their language, one that helps them to move forward. An executive advisor and a personal coach, all in one.

In our coaching process, your questions are our starting point. Marlies stands right beside you as a mirror, advisor and inspirator to tackle the professional and personal challenges which you are facing. Together, you concretise the dream and realise the change.

Experience teaches us that every professional transformation sprouts out of a personal one. You feel that you want to break with the current way of acting and long for a new normal. This path is paved with doubts and vulnerability; walking it requires courage.

On this journey, Marlies helps you to keep focussing on the new and let go of the old. She encourages you to open up for this change, both personally and professionally. 

We also build you a powerful story, as your organisation expects a clear, inspiring vision of you; their spirited leader. Something concrete, with as its sole goal: stimulating the growth of you as an individual, your brand and your organisation.

Depending on the questions and doubts you’re facing, a cycle takes in between 5 and 10 sessions.

For example:

  • Before to let my team grow, I first want to make a growth step myself.

  • I am about to start in a new role and want a safe landing.

  • The transition towards purpose & impact calls upon my leadership. Where to start?

  • How do I translate a strategy into an empowering story and great speech?

  • How can I create a support base for the new direction?

  • How do I inspire and motivate my team to achieve better results? 

  • I work hard but it doesn’t satisfy me. 

  • I feel that there is another way, but I don’t know which.


Marlies is an experienced Marketing Director who looks at your business from all different angels to unveil the core of your problems quickly. As a certified coach, she took multiple coaching and leadership courses which allow her to help leaders to maximise their impact. Among other methods, she uses systemic work and organisational setups.

On a regular basis, we have a pitstop. Usually, once per three weeks.

Do you want to get off to a flying start?

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R. Janmaat

Managing Director ID&T

“With Marlies as my coach, I grew both personally and professionally. The sessions are quite confronting at times, but they have proven to be invaluable in many ways.”

R. Stolk

Country Manager Insight

“Marlies dares to look up the confrontation. This approach has led to me improving quickly, as a person and as a leader. I advise every senior leader on the verge of a major change to have a chat with Marlies.”

Martijn de Bruijn

Sales director Red Bull

"Marlies is a very experienced marketing director, with a great understanding of the customer and shopper. She is able to build fact-based strategy followed by decisions and execution.  She really inspires people and coaches them to get the best out of themselves."