Living the brand

Van WHY naar WOW

Strategy & Consultancy: From WHY to WOW

Likely, you as well dream of more meaning and impact. The younger generation asks for authenticity and relevance. There lies a chance for brands (and people) who take responsibility and practice what they preach. Now more than ever!

Living the brand. That is what it is all about. Because successful brands are not built by marketing departments or advertising agencies but arise from the team effort of the entire organisation. Starting with a spirited leader with a clear vision.

Marlies becomes a fly on the wall at your organisation, searching for the meaning of your business. Step by step, she leads your organisation from its meaningful purpose to concrete actions; living the brand on the most important touchpoints. 


Modular approach

No thick files and long presentations, but a no-nonsense approach with a lasting impact and an ever-growing group of ambassadors. That’s how our fire spreads.








Hands on

Stage pitch


Roll out


Case examples:

  • We search for a global sense of purpose with which we can enlarge the positive impact of our activities.

  • How do we remain attractive for the next generation without losing grasp on the current one?

  • We can’t put our promising plans into practice. What can my team learn from the spirited and winning approach of brands like Red Bull and Tony Chocolonely?

  • We are the biggest food brand in the Netherlands, but not the strongest. How can we reinject that pride and purpose into our brand and organisation?

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AnneMarie Adriaans

Owner I AM creative

“Marlies has the unique talent to discover your unique superpower and concretise it. This way, every leader, every brand and every organisation becomes more impactful and meaningful.”


Chris Kluijtmans

CEO Facility

"Without this strong foundation we would never have been able to seize this momentum and energy. We are more consciously living up to what we stand for! In a business that is 100% right for us." 

Mark van den Tweel

CEO Natuurmonumenten  (Dutch Society for Nature Conservation)

“Imagining an idea is one thing but executing is another. Marlies has done a remarkable job in this regard that is contributing to a more beautiful Netherlands."